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Q&A with Jordan DiNardo: Why Her Research on Seafood Ecolabels and Rating Programs is so Important for the Future of Fisheries Management

Ecolabels and certifications have become common in the trade of fish and fish products, encouraging buyers to choose sustainably sourced seafood. However, their effectiveness and costs need further research, and their relationship with public authorities in ensuring sustainable fisheries is a topic of debate. Jordan DiNardo is a PhD student wrapping up her studies at… Read more »

SIRF Supports Advancement of Science Communication Skills

The 73rd Pacific Fisheries Technologists conference brought over 80 national and international attendees – all serving in supportive seafood and fisheries roles. This year’s forward-thinking program touched on topics such as alternative seafoods, wind energy off the Pacific coast, novel technologies in seafood research, seafood safety, and microplastics and sustainable packaging, which prompted deep discussions… Read more »