SIRF Timeline:

June 11, 1964 – IRS granted 501 (c )(3) under Lewis Goldstein Memorial Scholarship Fund

July 26, 1966 – Renamed to Fisheries Scholarship Fund

February 17, 1997 – Fisheries Scholarship Fund incorporated.

February 6, 2012 – Renamed to Seafood Industry Research Fund, Inc.


While maintaining a mission of seafood innovation, SIRF’s roots remain firmly planted within industry history. As an organization, SIRF began as the Lewis Goldstein Memorial Fund in 1964. The fund was established as a tribute to Lewis Goldstein of Philadelphia’s Liberty Fish Company, who died in a plane crash during his term as NFI Chairman. The subsequent fund opened in his name provided a means to honor Mr. Goldstein and set a precedent for memorializing others who have made a lasting impact on the seafood community.

The Lewis Goldstein Memorial Fund, established to honor its late namesake (second from left) who died in plane crash while serving as NFI Chairman

Over 53 years and more than 50 funds later, the Lewis Goldstein Memorial Fund has transformed from the Fisheries Scholarship Fund during the 1980s into its current state as the Seafood Industry Research Fund (SIRF). In 2012, current Chairman Russ Mentzer led a rebranding strategy, which included the SIRF name-change, to further align the research organization’s image with its mission.  The new SIRF-era has seen a redoubled focus on funding scientific research directly linked to industry improvements within the relevant fields of aquaculture, food safety and seafood nutrition, among others.

Julie Child was honored as NFI’s Person of the Year in 1992. She accepts a contribution from Fisheries Scholarship Fund Chairman Murry Berger  on behalf of Boston University’s School of Gastronomy

Since achieving an original endowment milestone of $1 million in 1994, SIRF has expanded its coffers to over $3.7 million in 2017. The generosity of the seafood industry has enabled SIRF to fund 360 grants totaling $3.3 million since 1964. The initial outpouring of support for the Lewis Goldstein Memorial Fund continues to this day with recent funds like the Mark D. Leslie Living Tribute Fund raising $76,900.

Help continue SIRF’s mission of funding forward-thinking seafood research by donating to any of our open funds. Thank you for your SIRF support.