Bornstein Seafoods

Myer A. Bornstein founded Bornstein Seafoods in 1934, during the Great Depression. It was a time when moonshiners and federal agents were battling it out over illegal booze, night baseball was being introduced to the Pacific Northwest, and you could buy fresh, skinned sole in Bellingham, WA for 15 cents per pound!

The fledgling company cut its teeth in that rough and tumble time of give and take, eager to survive and make its mark in a world of turmoil and adversity. Hard work, commitment, and slogans like “If you don’t trade with us, we both lose money!” were the order of the day.

Myer Jay Bornstein, known as “Jay” in the industry, took the helm from his father in 1980. Under Jay’s leadership the company expanded its presence throughout the West Coast — with processing capabilities and buying stations that stretch from South East Alaska through Canada, Washington, Oregon, and down to Northern California.

In 2010, Bornstein Seafoods passed leadership of the company to its third generation – Jay’s three sons Kyle, Colin and Andrew Bornstein. With Colin serving as CEO, together they plan to continue Bornstein’s growth initiatives by focusing on Quality, Productivity, Professionalism, and Teamwork with staff, fishing partners, and customers. Bornstein Seafoods remains one of the oldest corporations in the industry because of our commitment to this philosophy.